Musical weirdos from Illinois with a dark, introspective vibe that's both joyous and melancholic—that’s Dreamjacket.

They’re the sonic blanket you wrap yourself in to drift off into a shoegazey haze. Tuck in and listen.

Dreamjacket formed out of a solo project by longtime friends + bandmates:

Jesse W. Johnson

(vocals, guitar)

Dane Marcussen


Yoo Soo Kim

(viola, synth, vocals)

Timothy Cap

(bass, vocals)

They're joined by

Bradley Bergstrand (guitar, vocals) +

Gretchen Bergstrand (vocals)

from Coed Pageant

who feature heavily on Dreamjacket's debut album, LOST AT LAST.

Lost at Last

has a heavy vibe to it without being tragic. The album is about embracing the search for hope in the dark - the low point on the wheel; make the choice to keep moving in the face of passing time and tragedy and eventually you will rise up on its spokes.

The band’s sound? Imagine “The Jayhawks” writing the score for a David Lynch movie — tight, muscular songcraft with beautiful melodies and surprisingly dark lyrics. LOST AT LAST IS A TRULY IMPRESSIVE COLLECTION OF SONGS AND IS AVAILABLE BOTH DIGITALLY AND ON LIMITED EDITION 12” VINYL.